1 city and 1 slide film in my pocket

with the collaboration of Stansted Airport's x-ray!


This house had this singular handwritten wooden plaque by the door saying REFLEXOLOGY, so I rang the bell and met Mr. Reflexology who had just got rid off some stuff he didn't need anymore, plates, cups, etc., leaving them for those who want to pick them up, carefully positioned over the wall. He seemed a calm person. I asked him if I could take a portrait and he asked me what was it for, I told him I would just like to have his portrait and he agreed, pulled off his small comb from his pocket and adjusted himself. We said goodbye but didn't said our names.

Days after I was holding the camera in the street and noticed this woman walking and smiling towards me, so she asked me if I was doing some lomography. I had this beautiful heavy camera in my hands and told her I wasn't. So this is the portrait of the smiling Ati, Indonesian, who after the picture was leaving in a rush as I asked her name, she likes lomography but doesn't make it anymore.

Hyde Park



And this is what was in my ears:

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